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Blow to democracy in Myanmar

The military coup in Myanmar poses great danger with extremely complex situation with Suu Kyii under arrest, population is out in open confronting the Tatmadaw.

Taiwan in 2020: A Review

Despite China’s attempt to trouble Taiwan, the political stability under the leadership of President Tsai and her success in containing COVID 19 outbreak has highlighted Taiwan’s global image in 2020. There is no doubt that 2020 is an unusual success story for Taiwan, which has emerged as one of East Asia’s strongest democracies

India and the “New Imperatives” for Regional Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region

Being a major global power along with  Indo-Pacific actor, India, should take the lead in creating a new regional security structure by involving countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines.  This can serve twin purposes. These are: this regional grouping can facilitate growing economic cooperation among them and at the same time can provide a forum which can checkmate the hegemonistic tendencies of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Indo-Nepal Relations and Chinese Economic Domination

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal is set to take off on 14 January 2020 to participate in 6th meeting of Nepal-India Joint Commission. Meanwhile, Nepal politics once again stole the limelight when Chinese delegation visited Kathmandu in last week December 2020, post-dissolution of the House of Representatives

The Threat of Lone Wolf Attacks

A lone wolf is an individual or a small group of individuals who uses traditional terrorist tactics – including the targeting of civilians – to achieve explicitly political or ideological goals, but who acts without membership in, or cooperation with, an official or unofficial terrorist organization, cell, or group.  

India, Maldives and Sri Lanka Need More Convergence on Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Threats

A trilateral meeting between India, Maldives and Sri Lanka on maritime security cooperation was held recently in Colombo. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval represented India in this meeting. This trilateral security dialogue was revived after a gap of six years. It comes at the time when India is giving momentum to its engagements in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Malabar Exercise 2020: Building Greater Synergy in the Quad

The pronouncement of the Quad has perhaps been one of the most significant geopolitical developments in recent times and has given rise to a number of speculations and assessments pertaining to its future.

India and the United States under Biden’s Administration

Biden’s Administration will make a serious attempt to understand the emerging significance of India in managing world affairs. Their approach towards internal affairs of India would require to be given a new look. India has emerged as a part of the solution needed to be understood in a broader context by Biden-Harris team. The elevation of India’s status and the growing acknowledgement that India is a responsible player will certainly be featuring in strategic planning of the United States.