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Ways to Enhance Communication in Vietnamese Ethnic Minority Areas

During recent times, in Vietnam, press agencies have actively developed programs, categories and articles aimed at the ethnic minority public, at the same time introduced and promoted the economic and tourism potential of ethnic minority areas.

Taiwan’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for India

Being a new and vibrant democracy, Taiwan displayed transparency and created a bond and trust between the government and public. Undoubtedly, Taiwan’s swift action saved millions and prevented thousands from getting infected.  Taiwan constantly facing China’s aggression defiantly giving important lessons for India to tackle the deadly virus. 

Anarchy of Fake News in the Age of COVID-19

Since the first COVID-19 case was recorded in China in late 2019, false information has appeared increasingly on social networking sites, therefore, it obstructed the governments and health organizations from efforts of prevention and fight against the pandemic.

A Crisis Within a Crisis: Worsening Mental Health amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The effect of COVID-19 on material affluence or scarcity of people is visible. Mental health conditions of people are largely hidden, obscure and imperceptible. Those who are dead due to COVID-19 will not return, but those who have survived are the ones who are already carrying the burden of mental ill-health. 

130 Years of Ho Chi Minh: A Tribute

Each person could have his own reflection of Ho Chi Minh ideology. The ideology is vivid along with the life of each person. It accompanies us in our modern life, while it is adapted and adopted, and refreshes itself with the new energy from living reality. Many people of this modern life subjectively or objectively mention and practice Ho Chi Minh ideology.

The Chinese Hegemonic Designs in South Asia

India should be ready to face emerging Chinese designs at the LAC which could also lead to full-blown out military confrontation. India should also plan scrutiny of portfolio investors from China. India should ensure steps to prevent takeovers of Indian commercial interests by foreign investors while the COVID-19 pandemic harms the Indian economy indefinitely.

COVID-19 and Rise of State Control Globally

The threat of the disease could be used by authoritarian governments to amass power, and that technology can be used as a tool in that process, thus endangering democratic way of life.