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Lankan Crisis: Jingoism to Jeopardy?

Ignoring the health of economy, governments made policies aiming at populist sentiments. What Sri Lanka requires is a federal political system accommodating poised representation of ethnic diversity, inclusive development with optimum utilisation of resources and credible regional-global engagements.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict and the Battle Lines

The US is up against both Russia and China, which makes Russia- the Ukraine conflict situation extraordinarily complex and uncertain. Russia wants to safeguard its strategic interests and is unlikely to permit NATO and US domination in Ukraine. The world leaders involved in the conflict and others are strategic thinkers and would attempt to avoid war and loss of human life at all costs.

United States under Biden’s Presidency: Emerging Foreign Policy Orientations

India and the US together will work together for greater convergence on pertinent important areas including maritime domain. Indo-Pacific security architecture will have to guarantee stability for global interests. The United States seems to have understood India’s potential and role in this regard.

Biden Presidency after One Year: A Perspective

A week is a long time in politics. There are still nearly three years to go of the Biden Presidency. Not all things are ‘doom and gloom’ as the naysayers are predicting. Nor, it is ‘Happy Days are here Again’ as was in FDR days after the Great Depression.

Biden’s One Year in Office: An Indian Perspective

India and the United States do not have identical views on all issues. Nonetheless, the strategic partnership has continued in a positive trajectory during last one year of the Biden Presidency. 

AUKUS: the New Power Game in Indo-Pacific Region

AUKUS is likely to be a solid organisation to thwart any attempts by China to dominate weaker nations economically. Australia has recently announced defending Taiwan if attacked by China and in such a scenario, the US, UK and other powers are likely to support Australia. A similar situation may arise in any Chinese-dominated countries in the Indo-Pacific region, where AUKUS will have a significant role to play.

Freedom of Expression Vs Dissent: Is Communist China Wary of Its Own Past?

As there are growing criticisms against the alleged human rights violations in Xinjinag region on the Uygher Muslim community and re-education camps in the region, amidst the disappearances of public figures from the social media platforms, it will be interesting to see how China would react. The diplomatic boycott of winter Olympics in China by the US and Australia have already sparked new wave of tensions, which many countries are expected to follow

China – Taiwan Tension Escalates:  Is Peaceful Reunification an Option?

Taiwan’s prolonged political and economic distance from the Mainland China has created sufficient space and time for emergence of separate identity with the territory and people of Taiwan. The tension will continue between China and Taiwan as Taiwan considers itself a sovereign state, while China views it as a breakaway province.

What Does the California Spill Tell Us About Policy Paralysis?

A durable climate policy requires support of multiple stakeholders – politicians on the left and right, business leaders, pressure groups and civil society. And it is a no brainer that their perspectives differ, there is lack of consensus, stark polarizations, and competing interests at play—all making any sort of viable climate action challenging!

Status-quo: The Best Bet for Taiwan

The failure of China to honour the ‘one country, two systems’ in China in letter and spirit has dented the faith and confidence of both the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan in the efficacy of the novelty of, ‘one country, two systems’. It is, however, not too late for China to repair and rectify the damage done to one country, two systems in Hong Kong.