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Africa and the Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific developments have a significant impact on the continent, especially on the east coast and island nations. This necessitates a balanced and pragmatic approach. For a unified and inclusive approach to secure Africa’s interests in the Indo-Pacific and beyond, the African Union will need to lead the way.

The Media and Policymaking in Vietnam

The press remains vital to Vietnam since its renovation period providing functions as inputs in policy making to party foundation. However, various issues needs to resolved over the past years to expand media’s role in policy making.

The China Factor in G7’s ‘Green Belt and Road’ Strategy

The G-7 has been unable to unify its response to China, and successive summits involving former US President Donald Trump have failed to portray developed democracies in a unified front. The group is eager to demonstrate its unity and competence as democratic governments to address global issues at this summit, and dealing with an increasingly assertive China is expected to be a prominent topic of discussion.

India and Australia to Develop Cyber Security Cooperation

The new phase of relations between India and Australia in the Indo Pacific region has been making a significant mark through its policy and planning, and the area of cyber security cooperation opens up a new domain of opportunities and challenges, based on which both sides can develop habits of cooperation.

The China Factor in India’s Maritime Strategy

China’s approach in the IOR has not been strictly military, India’s response must address both traditional and non-traditional security concerns.  India’s biggest strength is its geography, which has remained a significant constraint for China and will play a major role in determining the outcome of a Sino-Indian maritime conflict.

USAID and India: Trump, Biden and the Future of Foreign Assistance

As the pandemic persists, great powers have been recommitting to soft power strategies through vaccine diplomacy and economic aid to countries that are grappling with Covid-19. In this context, agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have already begun assuming increasing significance. In an era of strategic competition, aid and assistance to countries in dire straits have been an important model in soft power strategies to further foreign policy objectives.

India-US Synergy towards a Greener Future

India and the USA have evolved as partners transcending the conventional domains of cooperation while recognizing climate change as a central pillar of strategic partnership. The ambitious pathway being paved by both the countries has the potential to advance global climate progress, affirm global climate leadership and create sustainable markets.

Iran’s Teetotum Stakes in Afghanistan

Iran has had a longstanding involvement in the internal matters of Afghanistan and has played a crucial role in the power dynamics that exists within Afghanistan. With Blinken’s suggestion of bringing together the players who have their stakes on Afghanistan, it has been made clear that negotiations with Taliban cannot be made in isolation involving only USA or the Afghan government.