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The QUAD and the Vision of Multipolar Indo-Pacific

It can be ascertained that based on the current power relations and dynamics and the fact that the world’s great economic and military powers constitute the QUAD, it can be an effective balancer to China. QUAD has the capability and the future to create a multipolar order in the Free and open Indo-Pacific.

Banning of Chinese Apps in India: A Laudable Step

Facebook, Instagram and many other social media giants are banned in China, while Tiktok, a Chinese app, is used by the youth across almost every country. This shows that China may have been trying to have its own global social media dominance.

Chinese Aggressions along the LAC: Diversionary Tactic from the Indo-Pacific?

China has strategized and exploited India based on India’s continental bias. While our land frontiers are important, equal importance must be given to our oceans as well. Perhaps, response to Chinese aggression on land can be given by Indian action at sea, particularly by jeopardising their critical SLOCs.

A Refurbished ISIS in the Philippines

There are still significant security issues facing the Philippines on many fronts. Militant groups take advantage of the outbreak of COVID-19 and are actively promoting violence and aggression against government forces and innocent civilians. Now more than ever, it is imperative for the government to respond effectively not only to the challenges raised by the COVID-19 virus but also to the country’s threats of terrorism.

India-Australia Partnership: Game-Changer for Regional Security?

In a post-COVID-19 world order, the India-Australia relationship can significantly shape geopolitical dynamics. Not only does the relationship possess the capacity to jointly dominate the Indo-Pacific narrative with the U.S and Japan as allies, but to also carve out an International Treaty on a “Free, Open and Inclusive Indo-Pacific”, one that integrates the Indo-Pacific visions of India, the U.S and the ASEAN, and that upholds freedom of navigation and a rules-based order in the region.

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Interconnected World

The post COVID-19 world will no doubt recover from the damage but, its socio-economic and political impact can linger well beyond its immediate exit. Nevertheless, even the most negative forecast about the economies of countries may not imply that the world can survive on a disconnected and isolated world. The power politics and superpower rivalry will continue to make headlines.

Mission SAGAR: An Indian Soft Power Knock To Chinese Hard Power

While China’s image is crumbling due to COVID-19, the supply of faulty kits, and assertive actions on multiple fronts, including in the South China Sea and IOR, India has an opportunity to emerge as a regional leader with the help of its soft and cultural diplomacy.