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The Women of Myanmar and their Role in the Fight for Democracy

The lives of women continue to be under major threat, with increasing number of women being subjected to harsh conditions and being forced into the detention camps. Still, the brave women of Myanmar continue to fight on, hoping to pave the way for the generations to come, hoping to restore democracy once and for all.

The US Indo-Pacific Strategy and Nepal

Nepal would not want to upset China from any front, and accepting programs linked to the US Indo-Pacific strategy can be detrimental to Nepal vis-a-vis China. Hence, winning Nepal’s confidence over the MCC may remain a challenge for the US and including it in its Indo-Pacific strategy a bigger hurdle.

The Withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Western Coalition

The turmoil in Afghanistan and Europe’s reaction to it, adds to the impression that Europe’s warm reception of Joe Biden is waning. Still, the Afghanistan conundrum is not over; and much is yet to be seen on whether Washington is willing to sit and listen to its western partners.

Pakistan in Afghanistan: a Spoiler or Game Changer?

The interlaced negotiation between a state and US designated terror group doesn’t bode well for the credibility of Pakistan and only highlights the perverse nature of the state. In Pakistan’s case, domestic and external affairs cannot exist in isolation and they will continue to affect each other

Afghanistan, QUAD and the Way Forward

Afghanistan’s potency in world politics is arguably eternal. For the QUAD, this presents an opportunity to expand into the continental aspect of the Indo-Pacific. While a QUAD-led military intervention appears unlikely in the near future, humanitarian assistance and cooperation over shared counter-terrorism policies emerge as viable avenues for the partner nations to pursue their common strategic interests in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Refugee Crisis and India’s Stance

Afghanistan occupies a central position in the South Asian region, and supporting them would not only benefit them but also help in the prosperity of the region in a medium- and long-term basis. A collapse of Afghanistan could have a detrimental impact on the Indo-Pacific region, and it is important for each country, not only India, to take a humanitarian approach to help those who seek asylum.

How the Taliban Negotiated its Path to Power?

The manner in which a structurally weaker player like the Taliban, post its resurgence, negotiated its way to power is an indication of the complex politico-security environment in Afghanistan. With safe havens and assistance provided by a neighbouring country like Pakistan, it became increasingly difficult to fight and defeat the Taliban insurgency.

Beyond Containment: Assessing America’s Alliance Structure in the Indo-Pacific

The U.S.-led coalition alliance structure in the Indo-Pacific region needs a serious deliberation in order to effectively counter any unwanted moves by China in the free and open geostrategic space called the Indo-Pacific. The reset of the transatlantic alliance is a necessary step in these efforts. Yet, the element of consensus and unilateral agreement on the pointed agenda of protecting the shared values and interests needs to be deliberated sincerely before it is called a success and celebration starts.

The Onset of Quad’s Space Odyssey

The Quad provides an opportunity to demonstrate a new pattern for space diplomacy and if it continues to wield individual expertise and high technologies, as it has done in the Indo-Pacific, the possibility of a peaceful and stable outer space could be well within its reach.

The MCC Debate and the Heat of Indo-Pacific Geopolitics

As China and the US continue to compete in the Indo-Pacific region, many aspects including economic development of small states is likely to be shaped by the trajectory of this competition. It remains to be seen how small states in the Indo-Pacific are able to safeguard their development while distancing themselves from the heat of the geopolitics of this region,