Experts’ Column

India-Taiwan relations have developed in a very limited context. The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for both to strengthen ties beyond trade and commerce.

The US may not withdraw to be completely irrelevant from the Asian agenda in the post COVID19 order. The reason for this conclusion is simple: all significant political shifts in the US domestic and foreign…

India’s defense market presents lucrative opportunities for American defense manufacturers, which will create more jobs and contribute further to the US economy.

Due to suspected suppression of facts regarding the COVID19 outbreak, China has lost its credibility all over the world.

For North Korea, a change in leadership would likely generate immediate questions on its future nuclear posture as well as diplomacy.

Given Bhutan’s strategic importance, India cannot ignore the tiny buffer state and should always be sensitive to its relations to create a long-term relationship.

Just when it seemed that the time for intensification of global governance has arrived, the institutional-carriers of the process have chosen to stay dormant, miserably failing to rise to the occasion.

Perhaps the only silver line for Bangladesh’s economy amidst the lockdown is that Bangladesh Bank has a reserve of 33 billion dollars, which will give the country some cushion.

It seems that the final scale of the disease and deaths and the effects of the economic crisis will determine the attitude of European societies towards China.

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