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KIIPS, based in Bhubaneswar,Odisha, is a premiere think-tank that intends to provide a platform to academics, researchers, scholars and experts from across the country and abroad to study and examine various issues and challenges concerning security, connectivity, diplomacy, development and foreign policy in Indo-Pacific.

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Indian epics are a great source of “soft power”, but the exercise…

Contested Waters: Sino-Indian Dynamics in the South China Sea

Oceans and seas form a continuous chain separating landmasses and therefore demands…

Strategic Hedging: Possible Regional Strategy in the Indo-Pacific

Given the intricate nature of regional complex dependence in the Indo-Pacific, new…

Reassuring India-US Partnership in the Indo-Pacific

The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) signed into law by President Donald…

India’s Cultural Connects with Southeast Asia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s out of the box thinking and innovative policies…

The Quest for AI in Military Affairs – U.S- China at Crossroads

The pace with which the Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies have been unveiled…

The Question of Religious Freedom in China: An Assessment of America’s Views

There has been a consistent dissatisfaction in US regarding the human rights…

US’ Huawei Ban and the Ongoing 5G Race with China

Huawei comes under a long list of Chinese companies that had been…

Democracy under watch! As Indonesia goes for Elections this April

Indonesia will go for Presidential and legislative election in April; it will…

American Mood Swings and the Overdue Japanese Moment: From TPP to CPTPP

Japan’s challenge to keep its interests intact while hesitatingly moving towards a…

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Delivering Democracy: Reviewing the two Decades of Narendra Modi as Head of Government

State Conference on Delivering Democracy: Reviewing the two Decades of Narendra Modi as Head of Government Conference Venue: IDCOL Auditorium, Bhubaneswar, Odisha December 15, 2021

  • 10:00 - 13:00
  • IDCOL Auditorium, Bhubaneswar, Odisha




China in the Indo-Pacific: Geopolitical Realities and Implications

Greetings! Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (KIIPS) invites all to a webinar on “China in the Indo-Pacific: Geopolitical Realities and Implications” on Saturday, 13th November at 5 PM IST. We also request you to share…

  • 17:00 -
  • Online