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KIIPS, based in Bhubaneswar,Odisha, is a premiere think-tank that intends to provide a platform to academics, researchers, scholars and experts from across the country and abroad to study and examine various issues and challenges concerning security, connectivity, diplomacy, development and foreign policy in Indo-Pacific.

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Arunachal Pradesh: Nodal Point for Act East Policy

The Chinese government has never recognised the so-called Arunachal Pradesh and resolutely…

“Ascending India”

India as a regional power in the Indo-Pacific and a global player…

Replace “Strategic Autonomy” with “Strategic Interest”

Why are the members of the strategic community in India so infatuated…

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Geo-economics or Geo-politics? The CPEC at the Edge

BRI’s CPEC serves strategic and geopolitical interests rather than economic ones. Secondly,…

What the Upgrade of Quad means for China-India Ties?

On September 28, the sidelines of the UN General Assembly annual session…

North Korean Nuclear Missile Programme: Is There a Solution?

A solution to the problems created by the North Korean nuclear missile…

India’s Diaspora Connections in South-East Asia

The Indians present in the Southeast Asian (SEA) countries became an important…

What Nepal’s Indo-Pacific Policy means for India?

While broad-basing its inclusive approach in the Indo-Pacific from eastern shores of…

Trump Meets Kim: Much More Than a Symbolic Gesture

Trump’s visit certainly was much more than a symbolic gesture and a…

Re-emergence of ISIS and the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Terror Attacks

The terror attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday that killed over…

Multifaceted Relations between South Korea and India

In the contemporary moment in global politics, where the United States foreign…

City as a Host: Understanding Climate Change-induced Displacement and Migration in Bangladesh

The process of urbanisation due to migration leads to unsanitary living conditions…

Tensed Celebrations: Key Takeaways from Trump’s Visit to Tokyo

Trump’s opinions on trade, North Korea and defense burden sharing have kept…

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CCUSLAS, SIS, JNU in collaboration with Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (KIIPS) and Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI) invite you to a Discussion on the latest book edited by Prof. Chintamani Mahapatra- Rise of…

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Special Lectures on Assesing Modi Government’s Performance

Special Lectures on Assesing Modi Government’s Performance during 17-20 February, 2019 at Bhubaneswar.

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  • Bhubaneswar

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