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KIIPS, based in Bhubaneswar,Odisha, is a premiere think-tank that intends to provide a platform to academics, researchers, scholars and experts from across the country and abroad to study and examine various issues and challenges concerning security, connectivity, diplomacy, development and foreign policy in Indo-Pacific.

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Replace “Strategic Autonomy” with “Strategic Interest”

Why are the members of the strategic community in India so infatuated…

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Two-way communication practices of the Vietnamese public and private sectors in the Covid-19 pandemic

Transparent information and citizen-based policies are vital for decision-makers to gain significant…

National Security in a Post-Covid-19 World: Inferences for India

While non-traditional threats were acknowledged, they remained on the periphery of the…

Covid-19 Outbreak: A New Imperative for Refashioning India’s Approach in South Asia

India’s approach towards its neighbors is now concentrated on using public diplomacy…


Fortunately for India, extreme sensitivity shown by the government and early decision…

Covid-19 and the Beginning of an Uncertain Future

Like other transnational problems that exist along with traditional interstate problems of…

Derailing the Global Economy in Medical Emergency: The Corona Virus Impact

The coronavirus outbreak may only have a small immediate impact on the…

Trump’s India Visit: Scanning Defence Deals

President Trump’s maiden visit to India offers a unique opportunity to address…

Trump’s Visit to India: Relooking into India-US Defence Trade and Technology Transfer

The enhancement of defense trade and high-end technological transfer has been the…

High Technology in the Emerging Dynamics of US-India Relations

The convergences between India and the US are important in a changing…

From ‘Ike’ to Trump: Reviewing the 2020 US Presidential Visit to India

With Eisenhower, in total, only six presidents have visited India, making Donald…

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KIIPS Lecture -"Nuclear Security in Indo-Pacific: Issues & Challenges"

Japan marked the 75th Anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The only country to have become the victim of nuclear bombing has a perspective of its own on nuclear issues. Since August…

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KIIPS Webinar "Impact of Corona Pandemic on Internal Security"

Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies invites you to an online Webinar – “Impact of Corona Pandemic on Internal Security”   To register for the event, click here.

  • 18:00 - 19:30
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