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Mission SAGAR: An Indian Soft Power Knock To Chinese Hard Power

While China’s image is crumbling due to COVID-19, the supply of faulty kits, and assertive actions on multiple fronts, including in the South China Sea and IOR, India has an opportunity to…

Aarogya Setu App- Public Health and Privacy in time of Covid-19

Several people have raised concerns over the overarching powers of government-employed during the pandemic. Contact tracing apps have been blamed for increased central control and surveillance through personal data collection.

The Perils of the Pandemic: Challenging Times for Migrants

The return of normalcy to the migrant issue should be a priority!

China’s Pandemic Response: A SARS-Covid-19 Comparison

Therefore, Huang argued in 2004 that absent of a fundamental change in the Chinese political system; it is likely that cover-up and inaction will be repeated in the future.

Emerging threats of Maritime Piracy in South East Asia

The governments of Southeast Asian nations are not only struggling to deal with COVID-19 in the face of a global pandemic but are also facing both recurrent and fresh threats on the…

Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic: Role and Future of the World’s Religions

The danger level of the COVID-19 virus has today put much of the world into total lockdown mode. Religious and cultural establishments have not been spared by its impact. The highly contagious…

Looking Far East: Prospects for India-Fiji Pacific Partnership

The blueprint of cooperation among India, Fiji and the Pacific Islands should be implemented rigorously to be able to secure the geostrategic influence that it aims in the Indo-Pacific.

Japan’s ODA Loan to India: A Mechanism of Economic and Strategic Growth

India and Japan have been one of the strongest friends without any historical baggage or any conflict, whether on land or at sea. The bilateral relationship is well on the path to…

COVID- 19 Outbreak: A Time for the US to Introspect its Healthcare System

Nevertheless, whosoever comes to power in 2021, it will be crucial for the next administration to introspect the structural flaws in the US healthcare system and make amends to fix them.

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