Experts’ Column

Increasingly, youth in India are recognized as key actors in policy-making and overall growth. Skilling and partnering with young people could be vital in achieving the 2030 agenda for sustainable development goals.

Better neighbourly relations with Myanmar and prosperity amongst people living in border areas on both sides augurs well for the security of India and is in its national interests.

India’s Act East Policy introduced by PM Modi in the 12th ASEAN- India summit in 2014 included not only economic aspect of cooperative relations but also strategic and security cooperation in maritime security, cyber security, anti…

The pre-eminence of India in the South Asian region has been contested by its regional archrival Pakistan while China tries to get a foothold in the region.

Odisha’s ancient ties with Indonesia are glaring testimony to centuries of fruitful relationship between India and Indonesia. As India seeks to engage Indonesia more and more, history should be brought back to life to energize…

Great power relationships come with both opportunities and challenges. In recent times a pertinent question that has arisen from the recent strategic congruence between India and the United States is whether this relationship has come…

Can the Traditional Knowledge System (TKS) in the Himalayan Region help the globe sustain its developmental activities in myriad of fields ?

‘The traditional obligation to defend freedom and the necessity for co-existence with adversaries’, a  principle US foreign policy dilemma, is currently reflected in Australia’s predicament of choice between the US and China.

In the latest round of Shangri La Dialogue held last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi specifically outlined the contours of India’s Indo-Pacific policy by emphasizing the phrase, “free-open and inclusive”.