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Many South East Asian analysts claim that Vietnam is capable of countering Chinese dominance in a practical sense.

Exiting from Afghanistan and Moving to the Indo-Pacific: India and Pakistan in US Foreign Policy

As commander in chief of the most powerful military in the world, I spend a lot of time brooding over these issues. And I’m not satisfied we’ve got it perfect yet.

Indo-US relations: Tracing the “China” factor

Both India and US are transitioning to new roles in the international system, where the former is looking for a greater say in managing global problems while the latter, which has been…

Elections in India and Indonesia: The Role of Social Media

Elections are testing times for democracies, and political parties resort to a number of ways for vote gains and in the current scenario, the role of social media is ever growing.

The Christchurch Attack and Increasing Threat from White Supremacists

Violence against immigrants, refugees and especially Muslims is not a new phenomenon but alarming is the rate at which such kind of extremism is growing in hitherto peaceful Western democratic societies.

Sex Tourism in Thailand: A Vicious Cycle

Sex Tourism has a vicious cycle that impacts health and has negative social and cultural consequences. Doesnt stating that sex tourism and prostitution is part of Thai’s modern day culture downplays the…

US-Taiwan Relations: A Unique Partnership in the Indo-Pacific

amidst the celebration of US-Taiwan relations at ‘forty’ and the fear of China’s assertive claim to take control of the island, the fundamental question that arises is: how relevant, and vital the…


Is South Asia the most dangerous place in the world with the presence of nuclear weapons? Do the possibilities of escalation dynamics spiraling into a nuclear exchange exists more in the India-Pakistan…

Behold! China to Your Rescue: Patriotism, Power and Propaganda in Chinese Motion Pictures

The power of cinema has been at the heart of China’s new propaganda schemes. The success of Chinese propaganda has occurred dually- with government’s generous financial investments in such ventures and domestic…