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India and the United States under Biden’s Administration

Biden’s Administration will make a serious attempt to understand the emerging significance of India in managing world affairs. Their approach towards internal affairs of India would require to be given a new look. India has emerged as a part of the solution needed to be understood in a broader context by Biden-Harris team. The elevation of India’s status and the growing acknowledgement that India is a responsible player will certainly be featuring in strategic planning of the United States. 

Why Biden Won?: A Preliminary Analysis

Joe Biden ultimately prevailed the slug-fest of 2020 race and now it is up to Biden and his team to set the policy agenda and present the blueprint for governance which will put the United States in the front gear in the coming years

RCEP: Strategic Overtones of an Economic Pact

While the RCEP would probably not be able to repair the damage done by the US-China trade war for Beijing, its strategic benefits in terms of boosting China’s influence across the  Indo-Pacific adds a new dimension to the current ties between the US and China and thereby also on the entire global world order. 

The ‘2+2’ and New Heights in Indo-US Partnership

The third India-US ‘2+2’ Dialogue involving the Foreign and Defence Ministries of the two countries came at a juncture when a significant churning is underway regarding how India as well the United States will deal with their respective and rather combined China challenge. 

The 2020 US Elections: Stakes for India

The 2020 US Presidential elections matters for India not just because the Indian American voters in the US is an ever-growing community having a significantly identifiable group behaviour in voting – overwhelming support for the Democrats; but also because US relationship is the most important of India’s bilateral ties, having assumed a different meaning recent due to India’s growing tension with Beijing.

Ways to Enhance Communication in Vietnamese Ethnic Minority Areas

During recent times, in Vietnam, press agencies have actively developed programs, categories and articles aimed at the ethnic minority public, at the same time introduced and promoted the economic and tourism potential of ethnic minority areas.

Taiwan’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for India

Being a new and vibrant democracy, Taiwan displayed transparency and created a bond and trust between the government and public. Undoubtedly, Taiwan’s swift action saved millions and prevented thousands from getting infected.  Taiwan constantly facing China’s aggression defiantly giving important lessons for India to tackle the deadly virus.