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China – Taiwan Tension Escalates:  Is Peaceful Reunification an Option?

Taiwan’s prolonged political and economic distance from the Mainland China has created sufficient space and time for emergence of separate identity with the territory and people of Taiwan. The tension will continue between China and Taiwan as Taiwan considers itself a sovereign state, while China views it as a breakaway province.

What Does the California Spill Tell Us About Policy Paralysis?

A durable climate policy requires support of multiple stakeholders – politicians on the left and right, business leaders, pressure groups and civil society. And it is a no brainer that their perspectives differ, there is lack of consensus, stark polarizations, and competing interests at play—all making any sort of viable climate action challenging!

Status-quo: The Best Bet for Taiwan

The failure of China to honour the ‘one country, two systems’ in China in letter and spirit has dented the faith and confidence of both the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan in the efficacy of the novelty of, ‘one country, two systems’. It is, however, not too late for China to repair and rectify the damage done to one country, two systems in Hong Kong.

Is the Game Over for the United States in Afghanistan?

The great game is on in Afghanistan. Post the US withdrawal, to what extent China’s influence will register in Afghanistan is a major question. Amidst all these chaos and concerns, the civil population has been at the receiving end. One has to wait and watch the extent to which the world powers deal with the Taliban regime and what will be its repercussions

New Rulers in Afghanistan: What can the International Community Expect?

Because of confrontation between Russia and the West, rivalry between USA and China, some other conflicts and contradictions, the recreation of such a coalition is impossible. Nonetheless, the question as to what should be the most adequate and effective response to the threats posed by the Taliban rule remains open.

Netaji and the Indo-Pacific Narrative

The Indo-Pacific may be a new strategic lexicon in the present context, but the region resonated in Netaji’s sustained perseverance for attaining Swaraj. He creatively intertwined India’s yearning for freedom with the prevailing dynamics of world history, and geopolitics during the Second World War.

Dateline Afghanistan: Lessons Learnt and What Next?

Afghanistan truly stands at a crossroads today. Inaction on the part of the United States and the larger international community would mean the reversal of gains made since 2001. The United Nations, the United States, and other stakeholders would do well to take immediate, proactive and concrete steps to secure Afghanistan from slipping into yet another vicious cycle of violence and bloodshed.

Has Afghanistan Paid the Price for Biden‘s “Foreign Policy for the American People”?

The fall of Kabul to the Taliban, and the complete chaos that ensued in the Kabul airport, turned many against President Biden’s foreign policy choice. Like many predecessors, President Biden and his foreign policy choices stand on the quintessential precipice of U.S. power to restore the fate of its own people while shaping the future of others beyond its homeland.

Biden’s Europe Visit and the Dragon in the Room

China’s increasing influence over multilateral institutions over the years, and its budding strategic alliance with Russia has become a concern for the United States. The Biden administration intends to ‘restore America’ and bring back American leadership at the global stage, after four years of the disruptive Trump presidency.