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End of the American Era?

The rise of America has become part of history now, while the relative decline of American hegemony in world affairs is under the spotlight of academic debates and policy analysis in recent decades and years.

India Factor in US Presidential Election 2020

The foreign policy does constitute an important segment of the US presidential election for the simple reason that the United States is a global power and its engagements with the rest of the world has deeper domestic roots. In addition, events abroad may or may not impact the voters in the United States directly, but the US economic and military footprints in every corner of the world do affect the country’s political landscape and economy.

Corona Pandemic: The China Connection

The entire world actually wants to know how COVID-19’s global war against human civilization was unleashed. Never before in history, such a war involving the entire globe and engulfing people with fear and death was witnessed in terms of the speed of the spread of the virus.

Will America be Great Again?

Like all wars, the war against Covid-19 would come to an end. However, will the US remain as the world leader? Will the US-led liberal order survive?

Post-COVID International Order

Self-interest is the primary driving force, and this would continue to shape the Post-COVID international order.

War between Humans & Non-humans

Not many social scientists are concerned about the war between humans and non-humans. The plants, animals, microorganisms, mountain ranges, rivers, oceans, winds, and even space are so crucial for human habitation and survival, yet human beings have been waging wars of various kinds for ages.

India’s Nuclear Doctrine: Needs Revisiting

When India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh recently hinted that India could opt for “first use” nuclear doctrine depending upon circumstances in future, there was hardly any strong reaction against it either within India or abroad. The reason is not hard to discover. Many champions of nuclear proliferation and even other nuclear weapon powers are not in a position to moralize and advise India against it.

Will Japan Forever be a Non-nuclear Weapon State?

One would not be surprised if Japan in-not-so-distant future changes its age-old stance on nuclear disarmament and opts for the nuclear option due to changing strategic landscape in the emerging global nuclear order. China’s assertiveness, unresolved Russia-Japan territorial disputes, growing rift in Japan-South Korea strategic understanding, increasing threats from a nuclear North Korea and new questions about the reliability of the US nuclear umbrella may induce Japan to exercise its nuclear option.