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A Biden led US Foreign Policy: What to expect from the Stalwart?

Joe Biden’s prudence in foreign policy and his views make him an “internationalist’’ who as the next President of the United States with  a team of shrewd professionals would reject protectionism and isolationism and make endeavours to make America able to “lead again.”

Kra Canal: White Elephant or Dragon’s Web

If Indian analysis is proven correct, there will be a costly “White Elephant” administered by China in the Gulf of Thailand. If China’s goal of constructing an alternative maritime trade route and resolving the “Malacca Dilemma” succeeds, it will be the expansion of the “Dragon’s Web” in the region. 

Rise of Populism and Emerging Challenges to Globalisation

Populism & Globalisation are familiar concepts. This paper intends to analyse how Populism has figured in recent discourses and to look at the reasons for its rise and how Globalisation is facing challenges in current times. 

Assessing the Application of the Five-Point Agreement

It is essential to determine the weight of the so-called Five-Point Agreement and analyse its presumed benefit in facilitating mutually agreed withdrawal from the LAC between India and China. 

The QUAD and the Vision of Multipolar Indo-Pacific

It can be ascertained that based on the current power relations and dynamics and the fact that the world’s great economic and military powers constitute the QUAD, it can be an effective balancer to China. QUAD has the capability and the future to create a multipolar order in the Free and open Indo-Pacific.

Banning of Chinese Apps in India: A Laudable Step

Facebook, Instagram and many other social media giants are banned in China, while Tiktok, a Chinese app, is used by the youth across almost every country. This shows that China may have been trying to have its own global social media dominance.