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What Lies Ahead for SAARC?

A united South Asia possesses the capability to make a mark in the world’s geopolitics and create a niche for itself in the world community. The fulfillment of this would primarily be based on the positive revival of SAARC and the challenges of Covid -19 has provided a platform for new engagements

QUAD and the Indo-Pacific Region: Towards a Multifaceted Future

The Quadrilateral Security Initiative (QUAD) between India, the US, Japan and Australia is not just about China. It is an inclusive strategic dialogue among four countries where the issues of global in nature such as combating covid-19 virus are important.

Coup d’état and Global Responses: The Current Situation in Myanmar

The democratic spirit in Myanmar has faced several backlashes since the time of its inception as an independent country. The recent coup in 2021 has reflected the similar narrative of curbing the democratic aspects of the country where the military rule was imposed by overthrowing the elected government.

The European Union in Indo-Pacific Waves

EU has set forth to attach greater importance to the Indo-Pacific converging its policies amongst the major powers looking for a long term engagement in the region.


North East Region is critical for Act East policy bridging connection to Southeast Asia. The effective implementation of the policy is necessary and must go beyond the narrative of isolation that has deprived it of various benefits.

India-Nepal Kalapani Border Dispute

The Kalapani area is of strategic importance in South Asian diplomacy serving as a tri-junction between India, China and Nepal. Vitality for the dispute settlement is of utmost importance cutting across strategic importance to historic and cultural.

Legalities and Technicalities of Unmanned Marine Systems

Reviewing actions of Unmanned Systems in general, and Unmanned Marine Systems in particular, are manifold, but not without their loopholes. Questions of human control and governance ambiguity remains challenge posing technical challenge for developers and for states in their deployment.

India-Bhutan Relations: The Way Forward

Bhutan-India relationship reflects the evolved robust partnership which remained unchanged in wake of any conflict, diverging opinions and forums. However, with the rising Chinese influence, there is need for more proactive engagement between two countries.