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Locating India’s Engagements in the Indo-Pacific

India’s multipolar engagement in the region is not any different from that of the major actors of the region. India seeks to involve and engage all major actors in the region as stakeholders.

Indo-Pacific Vision: Contest or Cooperation?

As a Philippian scholar once wrote, geography does not change, but perception does. India’s emphasis on inclusiveness definitely raises challenges for it to maintain the balance between the varieties of stakeholders in the region. Indo-Pacific as a geopolitical construct involves strategies of cooperation and competition, not only among China, India and the United States but a host of other regional stakeholders, which will likely shape the politics of the region.

The Path to Promote a Solid Development of China-India Relations: People-to-People Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Civilizations

How can China-India relations be defined: as enemies, rivals, or partners? The answer is neither yes nor no. According to the “pan-familism” of  Eastern society and “inclusive universalism” of Cultural tradition, the relationship between India and China is a “brother-like” relationship which transcends the modern concept of state and sovereignty.

What’s ‘New’ in China’s New National Defence White Paper 2019?

the message of  China’s new defense White Paper is amply clear and New Delhi should read the new White Paper through the prism of safeguarding its own national interests, both regionally and globally to avoid being the new “yam between the two boulders”, i.e., the US and China.

Ghosts of the Second World War: Japan- South Korea Trade Dispute and Alliance Politics in the Indo- Pacific

In international relations, the memories of historical animosity seldom fade away, and they keep coming up in the garb of political, military, or economic disputes between the states. Such is the case of Japan-South Korea relations. The atrocities by Japan on South Korea during the Second World War still determine the relations between these two countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

Japan’s (Un-clear) Nuclear Energy Policy: An Observation

Japan’s decision to reduce the contribution of nuclear into its energy mix significantly poses questions for its clean energy commitments, more so because Japan has been an active advocate of addressing Climate Change.