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Sino-India Yoga Diplomacy

Yoga will change our life, and connect China and India relationship in the years to come.


IR experts across the spectrum have begun to acknowledge Indonesia as a middle power in the region. Middle powers are known to ‘act as catalysts of new initiatives, facilitators of coalitions in support of existing initiatives and agenda setting, and as managers of extant institutions,’ and therefore play a crucial role in maintaining a certain balance in the region.

Trump Meets Kim: Much More Than a Symbolic Gesture

Trump’s visit certainly was much more than a symbolic gesture and a political win. South Korea’s President called the summit and end of mutual hostility between the two countries. The visit also has a hidden message to China, that the US no more needs China as a mediator for the negotiations.

Multifaceted Relations between South Korea and India

In the contemporary moment in global politics, where the United States foreign policy is capricious and unpredictable while China’s foreign policy is making purposeful moves towards global domination, it is important that the South Korea-India partnership grows and consolidates through advantages of collaboration which can and thus prove to be a big step in maintaining stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Tensed Celebrations: Key Takeaways from Trump’s Visit to Tokyo

Trump’s opinions on trade, North Korea and defense burden sharing have kept Tokyo apprehensive. In a bid to please the mercurial US President with such lavish state supervised events, PM Abe has put all bets on “entertainment diplomacy”.