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Is South Asia the most dangerous place in the world with the presence of nuclear weapons? Do the possibilities of escalation dynamics spiraling into a nuclear exchange exists more in the India-Pakistan dyad than any other? 

Bay of Bengal: Center of the Indo-Pacific?

Bay of Bengal is gradually becoming important because of the strategic initiatives of the major powers and its crucial geo-political centrality. These two factors have the potential to centre the Bay of Bengal at the fulcrum of the Indo-Pacific.

Contested Waters: Sino-Indian Dynamics in the South China Sea

Oceans and seas form a continuous chain separating landmasses and therefore demands attention from the geopolitical angle. The significance of oceans and conceptualization of the Sea power and how gaining control over strategic waters determines the overall power of a particular nation.

Chinese Stand on Indo-Pak Cross-Border Terrorism and the “Frankenstein’s Monster”

It is common understanding that national interest is given the utmost priority in international relations, and both cooperation and competition are the integral part of it. But terrorism is altogether a different issue, and non-Western countries, especially China, should not refrain from  using it as a political tool or international leverage.

Infrastructure Financing and the Drive for Influence in Indo-Pacific

In recent years, infrastructure development has been given too much attention in the geo-economic strategies of various countries in Indo-Pacific. In line with this objective, many countries have created Development Finance Institutions (DFI) to provide risk capital for economic development projects.

Inter-Korean Summits Fuel US-North Korea Talks Momentum

The second summit between the U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un is likely to be held in the middle of February 2019. The main objective of this meeting is North Korea’s denuclearisation, which still seems an unattainable goal.

Energy Dimensions of South China Sea In The Indo Pacific Region

Over the last few years, the unprecedented level of economic growth in the Indo-Pacific region has led to a pro-active energy policy-making by the countries in this region. The consumption rate of natural resources continues to increase since the last decade, which even led to the sky-rocketing demands for energy resources.