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How America’s Deep Racial Issues and Protests Shaped the 2020 Presidential Election’s Result: An Analysis

The George Floyd’s tragic chokehold-death in the hands of law authorities has not only propelled the famous Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement across the U.S. but also exposed America’s untreated old wounds of complicated race relations. This has resulted in a polarized American politics marked by debates on the racialization process, racial prejudice, police defund, police reform, and how the two primary mainstream parties fair when it comes to policies for genuine upliftment of the African-American community.  

Enhanced India-Australia Partnership in the Indo-Pacific

India and Australia are part of this emerging axis in the Indo-Pacific which includes countries of the Indo-Pacific littoral, France, Japan and the United States, which can now be seen as moving towards a common geopolitical and geo-economic agenda.

Uncertain Future of Afghan Peace Process

Recently, the Taliban leaders in their conversation with the US officials advised them that the Afghan issue could not be solved militarily and hence America should focus on a “peaceful strategy for Afghanistan instead of war.”  But the US knew that the Taliban had in a way demonstrated their resilience and the powerful American and NATO forces had not succeeded in their war efforts.

 COVID-19: An Opportunity for Indo-Afghan Cultural Relationship?

In Persian there is a saying, “sometimes a harsh thing happens for a larger good”. Although COVID-19 is a global health crisis, its potential in ushering new opportunities cannot be underestimated. However, it is only a fragment of the impending major man-made crises that are still to unfold.

Stumbling Democracies in South-East Asia

Southeast Asian countries need to reinforce institutions capable of resolving political issues so that they do not have to depend on anti-democratic, archaic establishments to resolve conflicts.

The Central Asian Cauldron: Kyrgyzstan a Powder Keg?

It is imperative for both Kyrgyzstan and the external powers including Russia and China to resolve the political deadlock in the country so that they can expect a peaceful and stable neighbourhood. The Corona crisis coupled with the Nagorno Karabakh conflict has made matters really volatile for Central Asia.

A Biden led US Foreign Policy: What to expect from the Stalwart?

Joe Biden’s prudence in foreign policy and his views make him an “internationalist’’ who as the next President of the United States with  a team of shrewd professionals would reject protectionism and isolationism and make endeavours to make America able to “lead again.”

Kra Canal: White Elephant or Dragon’s Web

If Indian analysis is proven correct, there will be a costly “White Elephant” administered by China in the Gulf of Thailand. If China’s goal of constructing an alternative maritime trade route and resolving the “Malacca Dilemma” succeeds, it will be the expansion of the “Dragon’s Web” in the region. 

Rise of Populism and Emerging Challenges to Globalisation

Populism & Globalisation are familiar concepts. This paper intends to analyse how Populism has figured in recent discourses and to look at the reasons for its rise and how Globalisation is facing challenges in current times.