Experts’ Column

Perhaps the only silver line for Bangladesh’s economy amidst the lockdown is that Bangladesh Bank has a reserve of 33 billion dollars, which will give the country some cushion.

It seems that the final scale of the disease and deaths and the effects of the economic crisis will determine the attitude of European societies towards China.

While some countries have come forward with healthcare aid for the poor ones, others have tried to use this threat to further the rhetoric of isolationism, protectionism, and hyper-nationalism as well as geo-political and geo-economic…

China has perennially thrived to topple the American march and gain more substantial geo-political and geo-economic influence. The trade deal in 2019 appeared to be a neo détente between the twin powers.

The threat of retaliation, though unspecified, from the US President, could have also been a factor, which triggered the near-immediate withdrawal on the drug export moratorium as India has a large export surplus with the…

The HCQ diplomacy will benefit India on various fronts but most significantly in boosting India’s ‘Soft Power’.

Organizations like the Tablighi Jamaat and others need to take a conscious call and instantly ban all their congregations for central prayers and religious meetings. Prevention is better than cure.

Covid-19 is emerging as a major pandemic affecting the world for the last two months. However, the two worst victims, China and the US, also major global powers, instead of addressing the issue are at…

Quad is but one of many instruments for India to realize its security objectives in the Indo-Pacific.

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