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Against the U.S. Critical Infrastructures: Super Terrorism makes a Comeback

The current trepidation in the form of the Colonial pipeline cyberattacks in the US is a new entrant of the order of antagonistic intent has been observed through the phenomenon of, Super terrorism which utilizes unconventional and hidden instruments of unleashing carnage on the democracies of the international system.

Drugs-Taliban Nexus in Afghanistan and the US withdrawal

The resurgence of Taliban as a political and military force in Afghanistan has raised a number of questions regarding the future of the war torn country. While external players and regional stakeholders monitor the treacherous path to peace in Afghanistan, it is all the more relevant to put the drug menace right at the centre of any talks with the Taliban.

China’s Military Strategy: The Past, Present and Future

Beijing’s success lies in working on their weaknesses and mitigating their vulnerabilities. Since Beijing’s rise is structurally favoured, it is using mechanisms and strategies that fall short of conventional warfare, to prolong allied responses.

Australia’s Media Code Battle and Government Regulation of Tech Giants

The Australian attempt of tech regulation is not just about copyright news, but the growing power of giant technology companies, which is changing the world, declaring war on state power. The blow of the giant Facebook to the Australian legal power has caused shock and discontent not only in the country. In addition, the dependence of press agencies on social media and considering it as a virtual channel to appeal to the public, can be a risk.

What Lies Ahead for SAARC?

A united South Asia possesses the capability to make a mark in the world’s geopolitics and create a niche for itself in the world community. The fulfillment of this would primarily be based on the positive revival of SAARC and the challenges of Covid -19 has provided a platform for new engagements

India Needs to Follow Cautious Approach towards QUAD

India’s strategy for Indian Ocean region (IOR) has been concentrated mostly in and around the Bay of Bengal region. India needs to first clearly define IOR for its larger interests and devise a grand strategy to become real net security provider.

QUAD and the Indo-Pacific Region: Towards a Multifaceted Future

The Quadrilateral Security Initiative (QUAD) between India, the US, Japan and Australia is not just about China. It is an inclusive strategic dialogue among four countries where the issues of global in nature such as combating covid-19 virus are important.

France is ‘Back’ in the Indo-Pacific

Dr Małgorzata Bonikowska and Dr Bruno Surdel 26th April 2021   France as an Indo–Pacific Power Paris has a relatively strong military presence in the Indo-Pacific region. It has about 4,000 troops operating in the Indian Ocean, while in the Pacific – some 3,000 troops.[i] France’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific is a natural process for […]