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India-Nepal Kalapani Border Dispute

The Kalapani area is of strategic importance in South Asian diplomacy serving as a tri-junction between India, China and Nepal. Vitality for the dispute settlement is of utmost importance cutting across strategic…

Legalities and Technicalities of Unmanned Marine Systems

Reviewing actions of Unmanned Systems in general, and Unmanned Marine Systems in particular, are manifold, but not without their loopholes. Questions of human control and governance ambiguity remains challenge posing technical challenge…

India-Bhutan Relations: The Way Forward

Bhutan-India relationship reflects the evolved robust partnership which remained unchanged in wake of any conflict, diverging opinions and forums. However, with the rising Chinese influence, there is need for more proactive engagement…

Peace Talks in Afghanistan and India’s Playbook

Afghanistan fragile situation poses problem for India from Taliban resurgence to China as challenge. However, India is in a unique position as it is the only country that can engage both with…

The Way Ahead for Quad with its Quad Plus Partners

Despite the challenges, especially from China embracing a Quad Plus proposition, enables New Delhi to expand its continental connect with like-minded countries and definitely lends some staying power to the Quad.

Nationalist Politics in Sri Lanka

Domestic politics in Sri Lanka represents a complex mix of religion with politics resulting in nationalist politics.

India-Japan Ties and the Role of Assam and the Northeast

Assam is vital to India’s Act East Policy and a place which conjugate with Japan’s Indo-Pacific policy.

Translating India’s Stance as a Global Power: Scaling New Heights in the Space Sector

The many developments in the space sector reflect its emergence as a potential fourth arm of the country’s defence setup.

The Bangladeshi Dilemma: Balancing BRI and IPS

Bangladesh is now in a critical situation; on one end it has to support China given the massive investments by the dragon while on the other end, it cannot overlook its relationship…

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