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KIIPS, based in Bhubaneswar,Odisha, is a premiere think-tank that intends to provide a platform to academics, researchers, scholars and experts from across the country and abroad to study and examine various issues and challenges concerning security, connectivity, diplomacy, development and foreign policy in Indo-Pacific.

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The China Factor in India-Bhutan Relations

Given Bhutan’s strategic importance, India cannot ignore the tiny buffer state and…

Covid 19: What Ails Global Governance?

Just when it seemed that the time for intensification of global governance…

Bangladesh’s Economic Battle against the Pandemic

Perhaps the only silver line for Bangladesh’s economy amidst the lockdown is…

China’s role in the coronavirus crisis: EU perspective

It seems that the final scale of the disease and deaths and…

Covid-19: Reflections from India and the World

While some countries have come forward with healthcare aid for the poor…

Legalities and Technicalities of Unmanned Marine Systems

Reviewing actions of Unmanned Systems in general, and Unmanned Marine Systems in…

India-Bhutan Relations: The Way Forward

Bhutan-India relationship reflects the evolved robust partnership which remained unchanged in wake…

Peace Talks in Afghanistan and India’s Playbook

Afghanistan fragile situation poses problem for India from Taliban resurgence to China…

The Way Ahead for Quad with its Quad Plus Partners

Despite the challenges, especially from China embracing a Quad Plus proposition, enables…

Nationalist Politics in Sri Lanka

Domestic politics in Sri Lanka represents a complex mix of religion with…

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China in the Indo-Pacific: Geopolitical Realities and Implications

Greetings! Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (KIIPS) invites all to a webinar on “China in the Indo-Pacific: Geopolitical Realities and Implications” on Saturday, 13th November at 5 PM IST. We also request you to share…

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War Clouds over Taiwan: Cause & Consequences

Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (KIIPS) invites all to a special lecture series on “War Clouds over Taiwan: Cause & Consequences” on Saturday, 23rd October at 5:30 PM IST.   We also request you to…

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