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Japan’s ODA Loan to India: A Mechanism of Economic and Strategic Growth

India and Japan have been one of the strongest friends without any historical baggage or any conflict, whether on land or at sea. The bilateral relationship is well on the path to…

COVID- 19 Outbreak: A Time for the US to Introspect its Healthcare System

Nevertheless, whosoever comes to power in 2021, it will be crucial for the next administration to introspect the structural flaws in the US healthcare system and make amends to fix them.

Oil Price War: Troubling Times for the US Shale Industry

As President Trump touted the energy independence of the United States and freedom from the manipulations of Saudi Arabia and other oil producers, the oil price war has brought to light a stark…

China’s Belligerence in the South China Sea during the COVID-19 Epidemic

The aggressive behavior of China is guided by only one intention – to strengthen sovereignty and territoriality through military power, while the world remains distracted.

G20 Leaders’ Summit: The Group Remains Central in Fight against COVID-19

The G20 can be one united forum for all Indo-Pacific players, their allies, and their partners if China stops being an aggressive maritime power.

Artificial Intelligence to Rescue- Challenge of Coronavirus

The convergence of medical and software is a pathway for further expansion, especially considering the scale and scope of a pandemic like Covid-19. Knowledge is key to understanding the virus.

COVID19: Time to reckon Taiwan’s WHO membership

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that the WHO does not dwarf its growth by subduing itself to political biases and caving to Chinese government pressure.

ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific Outlook: Understanding Multiple facets of the Indo-Pacific Construct

ASEAN’s step of bringing out an Outlook on Indo-Pacific has provided a common platform to engage and evolve within the Indo-Pacific construct.

COVID-19 and Future of Globalization

As the world grapples with fighting and containing the Covid-19 outbreak, it has affected the dynamics of world politics to the extent that it might affect the future alignments in the system…

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